Tuesday, March 29, 2011


     I'm really more of a bag and quilt maker than a monster maker--but the cute little monster who kicked off this blog had just taken shape in my sewing room the day before, so I wanted to show him off!  Today I want to talk about my quilts:  I taught myself to quilt at age 14, and until about 7 years ago that was my predominant creative outlet.  The pictures above are examples of my style.  The top quilt is a wall-hanging, about 24" x 36".  I made it about 10 years ago, when "country" colors were very popular (of course, they still are with a lot of people!).  The "Welcome" quilt is a very small wall-hanging, about 12" x 14"; I've made and sold a lot of these, and I frequently finish it as a pillow.  The lower picture is a baby quilt I made for my cousin's first baby who was born in 2009.  I love hearts and incorporate them into most of the things I make, and the bright colors of this quilt really make me happy.  I designed these quilts myself (I hate to have to follow a pattern!!). 
     Tomorrow I will show you pictures of my current obsession:  bags!

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