Thursday, April 5, 2012

Guess Which Bag

Today I have a fun game for you to's called "Guess Which Bag".  I will show you pictures of three zippered purses I made for a customer to choose from, and you guess which one she picked.

First, some info about the customer.  LeeAnn is a young grandmother who likes teddy bears.  I don't have any new teddy bear fabrics, so she asked me to make something to go with blue jeans.  All three of these bags have denim for the back and bottom; the difference in the subject matter and color palette.

Bag #1--Apples

Bag #2--Seashells

Bag #3--Sunflowers

Okay, now it's time to Guess Which Bag!  (Please hum the Jeopardy countdown music while you decide.)

Did you guess yet?

I personally prefer the sunflowers.





If you guessed correctly, good for you!  (I'm all out of prizes after that big Seven Days of Giveaways last month--sorry!)  Thanks for playing!


Monydav said...

Hi Leslie!
I love all these bags!
Hugs, Monica

kathy k said...

There are all so cute!! But, I guessed wrong. lol My guess was the sunflowers.

Kay said...

I would have guessed the sunflowers as they are so gorgeous.

wendiek said...

Hahaha, I guessed wrong! Probably because I was thinking which bag is my favourite: the apple bag!
All three are adorable Leslie!

BTW, I send you a little .... It went into the mail yesterday. Susan's will take a little longer, but will soon be done too.

Have a good weekend!

imebears said...

I guessed wrong as well. I picke the sunflowers.

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