Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Crafting Hope for Romania

One of my favorite charities to craft for is Craft Hope.  Every couple of months they announce a new  project and ask for crafty people (like us!) to donate items that will be distributed to people in need of hope.  The current project is called "Rally for Roma", and they are collecting hand-made hats, scarves, and blankets that will be sent to Romania at the end of summer, to help poor families get through the harsh winter there.

The deadline to send your finished items is May 20th, so there is still plenty of crafting time if you would like to participate. If you can knit, crochet, or sew, you can help! I have a lot of fleece on hand, so I am going to make simple hats and scarves (the picture shows the first set I made).

The scarf is so easy--just cut a piece of fleece 12 x 60", and snip the ends into a 3" fringe--done!

The hat is easy too; I used suggested measurements from this Martha Stewart site (which also has directions for several different hats). Cut fleece 21" x 15" and sew the short sides together. On the bottom, turn under a 3" hem and sew it 1/4 from the raw edge. For the top, cut a 3" fringe, then gather the hat (using heavy thread) just below the fringe, and knot the thread securely.  I then wrapped yarn around the gathered area to be sure the thread didn't come loose.

Visit this post at Craft Hope to read more about the project and to get the mailing address for your finished items.  I hope lots of us will help!


Kay said...

Great idea, especially as fleece doesn't fray.

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