Friday, June 28, 2013

How to Make a Fancy Doll Stand

Here's one more fancy doll stand I just made for a swap. My lovely swap partner, Astral in England, asked if I could show her how it was made; so, here you go, Astral, this tutorial is for you!

Start with pre-cut wooden plaques from the craft store. Mine are 5" square. Drill a 1/4" hole, centered, about an inch from the back of the plaque. (I've never used a drill before, and I was a bit nervous about it, but drilling the hole turned out to be the most fun part of making these stands!)

You need to have your theme completely planned out before you go any further. In my previous post, I showed two stands that have scrapbooking paper on the top, and I painted the sides to coordinate with the paper. For this "outdoorsy" stand, I painted the sides grass green. Be sure to paint around the drilled hole, and down inside it too. Paint over the edges on the top and bottom so no unpainted parts will show on the finished stand (since there was wet paint on the bottom, I set the stand on a can of vegetables to dry.)

Carefully measure and cut the paper or faux grass you will use on the top of the stand. Remember to cut a hole where you drilled the hole in the stand! You can find sheets of this dollhouse grass at hobby stores.

Also, cut a piece of felt to go on the bottom of the stand, so it won't scratch the surface you place it on.

The picture below shows all the bits and pieces I used to decorate my stand. The fence came from the craft store, and I made the watermelons and leaves out of polymer clay. The 1/4" dowel at the back of the picture will go in the drilled hole to support the doll on the stand.

The bush is made from a circle of fabric. I embroidered simple flowers on it, and  added some beads.

Glue on the grass or (scrapbook paper), and the felt, using tacky glue. Everything else should be glued with a hot glue gun. That's all there is to it!

I made a watermelon dress for the doll to complete the picture!


hey9irlie said...

Ah just for me :0) I love this stand and it proudly sits on my mantlepiece in my bedroom.

The leaves are so professional - I live in awe.

cwedler said...

What a great idea! I love a theme instead of just a doll on a stand.