Thursday, May 26, 2011

Orange Alert!!

I'm sending an "angel" package to a craftster member today; she was flaked on in the Sewists/Yarnies vs. Papercrafters swap, so I volunteered to send her a package.  Perhaps you can guess what her favorite color is?

She asked for bags and pouches, and it is my pleasure to deliver!  She also has a soft spot for candy corn, thus the candy corn pouch.  Usually I put a heart on the front of my bags, but she doesn't strike me as a "heart" kind of person, so I made a button using my button machine, featuring the phrase that accompanies her avatar on Craftster:

If she doesn't love this package, I'll eat my shoe!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

if she doesn't like your package???!! there is ZERO possibility of that happening. in fact, she will be doing the "Glad I was Flaked On" dance. i always think of myself as not an orange person, but then, seeing these, I'm converting. That is SO MANY beautiful purses and bags. I think TOO many hee. hee. wish you would have posted this before you sent so I could talk you out of one or two...