Friday, February 24, 2012

Eyeglasses Cases

The last pair of sunglasses I bought came with a horrid vinyl drawstring case.  I promptly threw it away.  Later, when I flew to Arkansas to visit my mom, I put the sunglasses in my carry-on bag; unbeknowst to me, my nail file was right next to the glasses.  Emerging from the airport several hours later, I put on my sunglasses, and wondered what was wrong with that left lens...yeah, the nail file had rubbed against the lens the whole time, and the sunglasses were ruined.

That won't happen to me again, because I have vowed to always carry my sunglasses in a case from now on!  When this package of fabric arrived last week (from Sew Mama Sew) I knew that some of it would be perfect for glasses cases.

I made up my own pattern.  It's just two pieces, the body of the case, and the flap.  In this picture you can see the outside of the case on the left, and the inside on the right. 

The button is just for decoration, since the flap stays closed with velcro.

I will keep one for myself, and take the rest of them to the store where I sell my work.

Problem solved.  Yay!


LimeRiot said...

So much better than the vinyl cases they come with!! Great fabrics and cute design - as usual :).

Unknown said...

Soooo nice!
These cases are so fresh and fun, and no store or manufacturer name emblazoned on them.

wendiek said...

Beautiful Leslie! I always love your fabric choices... Sew,mama, sew has the most gorgeous fabrics, don't they! I have ordered there once, long time ago.

I have had that happened to a pair of my sunglasses too, my keys in my purse ruined the glasses.... Now I always put them around in a pouch. This is a better idea.

Orgullo Azul y Oro said...

HI! Do you have the measures for the pattern?


Rebecca said...

Is there a tutorial or pattern for this eyeglass case? It's just what I'm looking for.

Unknown said...

This is perfect for what my husband wants for work. Is there a tutorial/pattern for this. Thank you