Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hungry Monster Step-By-Step Directions

So, when we tested the pattern for our Hungry Monster Swap, one of the testers had trouble with it, so I am going to take you through it step-by-step.  The REAL tutorial is here:  I simply hope to clarify things for those in our swap.  Here we go!

First, go to the link above and print out the directions.  They are all on one sheet, easy!  This picture shows all my materials (except the fiberfil stuffing).

Start by pinning on the eyes.  I tried putting mine a little lower and closer together than the pattern says to; I found out I like this placement better.  Sew the felt circles on.  I should have sewn on the buttons here too, but I waited until after the sides were sewn--don't wait!!  Sew the complete eyes NOW!

On to the mouth.  This is where my tester had trouble.  I've pressed a crease into my fabric and cut the teeth (I cut mine freehand, that's why they are a little wonky.  I like that!)

Sew the teeth just like you see in this picture:  the straight, uncut edge of the felt is placed just ABOVE the pressed crease; the teeth are pointing down, and the orange fabric is flat, not folded.

To finish the mouth, just fold the orange fabric on the crease so the teeth stick up and the line of stitching is on the back.

Place the fabric with the teeth on top of the fabric with the eyes.

(Sorry this next picture is sideways--I can't figure out how to change it, so let's pretend it's right...)
Pin the mouth fabric to the eye fabric, then lay the backing fabric on them, face down.  Sew all around, leaving a 3" opening for stuffing.  (I left my opening on the top, since there are only two layers of fabric there to contend with).

Turn the monster right side out, and stuff with fiberfill.  Sew the opening closed.

Get together with your friends and PAR-TAY!!


Unknown said...

Well I could have used this a couple of days and a few yards of fabric ago ; )
Very very very nicely done!
Leslie--even your self healing mat is pristine--what is up with THAT?

Love the newbie--that orange fabric on it is awesome! Leslie: 4 Susan: 2ISH!!

Karen Leanne King said...

Leslie, Very cute, and nice little tute! If you want to turn the picture,
here's how: In your file:
Right click the picture. A command box opens.
Click edit. A list will open, There are 2 options under ROTATE Click the arrow pointing to the left.
Click the X at top of screen. The Save Changes box will open.
Then go back to this tute, and edit it. Remove this picture. Reload the rotated picture.
I hope this helps!
Love your Title Happy Heart!

Natasha Mairs - Serenity You said...

These are just too cute!!!

just to let you know that i have featured these on my blog

Natasha xx

Andrea Hardee said...

Hi! My girls and I have loved this pattern as a way to teach sewing. I blogged just one picture but intend to make more.

Here's the link:

Andrea Hardee said...

By the way, I found you via Pinterest. :D

hey9irlie said...

I have been making doll clothes with my little girl for days and my little boy wanted a sewing project. HA HA! found it. I would have loved to make them and keep them stashed somwhere as little treats but they are just too cute to keep from him.

Yay for your creativity.

Leslie Andersen said...

Thanks so much for your comment, Me!

ShanK. said...

Thank you for the pattern! My nine year old son is about to lose his second tooth and sewed this today in hopes of using it tonight. It turned out great and he was so proud of his first sewing project!

Crystalyn said...

My 10 year old son has been bugging me to teach him to sew for a while now. I think this would be the perfect project to start him out on. Thank you for the step by step tutorial. I'll send you pictures of his finished product.

Shawnna said...

Love your tutorial and linked to it from my own monster pillow design at