Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pin Cushion with something EXTRA!

This is a pin cushion I design I came up with quite a while ago; I've made and sold tons of them, they are fun and easy--you can see that it's just a four-patch square, surrounded by a narrow muslin boarder, with the main fabric around the outside:

I usually write a scripture quote on the muslin (I print it from the computer, then trace it using a light box); recently I found a couple of good sewing-related quotes to use in the future.  The tassels are from the upholstery department of the fabric store, they come sewn onto a flat braided cord-type thing.  I just cut them apart and place them in the seam when sewing.  Here's the back:
I love the button fabric!  And there is a real button sewn in the middle, anchoring the bead on the front.
This time there is something NEW that goes with the pin cushion--BEHOLD!
CLAY BIRDS AND A MUSHROOM!  I love these so much!  I first made them for a recent swap (on ), in fact, I made this pin cushion at the same time I made one for my swap partner.  She had these little birds on her wist, so I gave it a try and they came out great! I just formed the Sculpey clay around extra-long straight pins (with regular flat heads), baked for 15 minutes, and after they were cool, I coated them with Varithane varnish.  The pins really add something special to the pin cushion, so I've put this one in my Etsy store ( ) .  First come, first served!

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