Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Craft Gossip

Craft Gossip (http://www.craftgossip.com/) is one of my two favorite crafty websites (Craftster.org is the other!) In case you haven't heard of it, Craft Gossip is an awesome website that offers a roundup of some of the best and most interesting crafts and crafters on the internet.  You can find links to any kind of project there.  My favorite part about it is the e-mail I receive every morning, featuring their newest finds.  I ALWAYS read about something that I need to know more about--so I just click the link and I am taken to a website or blog where I can read all about it!  I get so many good ideas from that daily e-mail!

Craft Gossip recently announced that they will be hosting an event for crafty bloggers in Little Rock, Arkansas on September 10th.  It will be an afternoon of eating, talking and crafting called Fork and Talk. It is sponsored by EK Success Brands, a craft products company that includes Martha Stewart Crafts, among many others.  The guests at the event will be able to try out new craft products--I'm not sure if that is before, after, or during lunch!--while meeting some of the staff at Craft Gossip, and talking with other crafty bloggers.

Oh, I didn't mention the venue:  this will all take place in a private room at Trio's, an upscale restaurant that serves amazing food.

 Anyone with an active crafty blog, who is in Little Rock, or could be there that day, is welcome to ask for an invitation.  I live in Virginia but my mom lives in Little Rock--WOW, this is perfect for me!  So I requested an invitation, and about a week later I was invited!

So I have my plane ticket and I am so excited about my weekend in Little Rock!  I will take lots of pictures and when I get back I will blog like crazy!


Unknown said...

All those crafty people PLUS great food?!! Sounds like a recipe for total fun and creativity, Leslie. Take good notes (I KNOW you will) to share with your friends (I KNOW you will). Tell us ESPECIALLY about anything they say not to share yet ;)

And, well, if you can have a doggie bag (I'd like mine patchwork) sent to NJ--oh you are SOOOO nice!

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to see you there!

Anonymous said...

I think Leslie is great at crafting...I would die for her hearts jar...a heart a day..hmm think of what she could do sewing five a day....If I had her talent, I'd make them for a good cause.