Friday, January 25, 2013

Photo Backdrop

I've been working on a big project this week--actually, it's big time-wise, but not size-wise.  I turned this extra-large shoebox into a photo backdrop for my Blythe dolls.  The main thing I do with my dolls is make clothes for them and then take pictures of them in the clothes. Some Blythe owners are adventurous and go out in public to take pictures with all kinds of different scenery.  I tend to stay at home, so I have to get creative with my backgrounds.

On the inside of the box, I glued scrapbook paper to the sides, top, and bottom, to make it look like a pretty room.  The picture frames are actually pre-cut scrapbook paper embellishments, so I just printed some photos of my dolls to place in the openings, then glued them to the walls.  The bunting is also scrapbook paper, cut into triangles, and glued to baker's twine.

With the addition of a couple of props, it really looks like a house!

I want to live here!

For the outside of the box, I used more scrapbook paper to make a cartoon-y house on a hill.  You can see that I decorated the box lid too, to make a bigger area where the doll can stand.

I made 3-D grass, flowers and butterflies from polymer clay, to make the scene more interesting.  I glued them to little "islands" of the same green scrapbook paper, so I can re-position them in the scene.

It makes a great backdrop!

I covered the flip side of the lid is with this extremely realistic-looking wooden-plank paper.

It looks like Penny is standing next to an old barn!

To finish off the shoe box, I covered the sides with pages torn from an old dictionary (which I got at the library for $1.00!)  Then I added these wonky stick-on letters, spelling out "Blythe" on each side. I think I will give the sides a coat of mod podge to keep all the edges stuck down.

It happens that just as I was thinking about working on this project, Craftster announced a new craft challenge, "Shoebox Makeover." How's that for good timing?  I'm going to submit this box. The entry period is February 1-10, so if YOU want to enter too, there's still time!


LimeRiot said...

I was just going to tell you that you HAVE to enter this into the current Craftster challenge :). Looks like you're already on top of that!

These are great. That plank paper is really fantastic. Such a good idea for Blythe photo shoots!

wendiek said...

It reminds me of the shoebox makeovers I did when I was young. Made little rooms out of it, with wallpaper and cardboard furniture.
That was a lot of fun to do!

Like what you did, Leslie! Using every side and even the lid!
This will make a great entry, I'm sure.

Leslie Andersen said...

Thanks Mareth and Wendie! I know this box won't win the challenge, it's pretty basic, but it will be fun to participate and see what others have made.

Sara : ) said...

This is fantastic! I thought about doing something similar for the craftster challenge, so I'm glad you did it, since I ran out of time!

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