Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another Swap, Another Prayer Flag

As I thought about starting a third round of the Prayer Flag Swap on Craftster this week, I was inspired to make a new prayer flag...FOR MYSELF!  This is the only one I have that I actually made myself. It started with a tutorial I saw online at The Decorated House for fabric flowers; I've made simple coiled fabric flowers before, but hers have a couple of extra layers that make them look extra special. I highly recommend Donna's flower tutorial, but...once I got started crafting my prayer flag, I was in too much of a hurry to follow her directions (I'm really bad at following directions!) so my flowers ended up being my usual simple coils of fabric, with the exception of the larger one in the center which has a barely-visible layer of lace.  Then I added some other simple flowers, and heart-shaped buttons, and it all suggested the word "grow" to me.  Here's how it all came together:

I think the word "grow" is especially appropriate at this time of year, as Easter is approaching, and Spring is getting closer. I like having this word to think about and to consider how I can apply it to my life.

The Prayer Flag Round 3 swap is now open for sign-ups on Craftster.  We would love to have YOU join us!


Dar said...

Hello and thank you for the pretty prayer flag photo. I had never seen this kind of flag before and was wondering do you make them for outdoor use or inside only? I guess I was curious to know how you display them?
Thank you!

Leslie Andersen said...

Thanks for your comment and question, Dar! Traditional prayer flags are meant to be hung outdoors, but I treasure the ones I have too much to let them disintegrate! I plan to string them together and hang them like a bunting up high on a wall in my living room, and I'll post a picture sooner or later.

Emi said...

-Beautiful. Me encanta!!!

Un abrazo desde COSTA RICA.

Gill said...

This is fabulous Leslie!
Thank you for sharing!

Wendy said...

It's lovely and thanks for the link. Are prayer flags much like ATCs?

Kay said...

So sweet. I really like the simplicity of prayer flags.

Alexandra Abarca said...

Hi Leslie:

Of course "grow" is a important word those days. And your prayer flag is lovely.

Have a nice week.

Costa Rica

Leslie Andersen said...

Thanks everyone!

Wendy, this is different from ATC's in that prayer flags are usually fabric rather than paper.

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