Saturday, March 9, 2013

Creative Birds

My first partner has received this prayer flag I sent her in our Craftster swap, so now I can reveal it here:

She loves birds and one of the words she chose was "create".  As soon as I read her questionnaire, this image of two birds building a nest popped into my mind, so it came together very quickly.  Since we both love bright, bold color, it was easy and fun for me to make this for her.

I printed the word "create" onto fabric using my computer printer.  If I could change one thing about this flag, it would be to add some hand stitching around the letters--I feel that they look too flat compared to the rest of the prayer flag.

The nest is composed of torn strips of fabric that I sewed end-to-end, then wrapped around my hand into a nice little bundle that I glued to the background.  I didn't want to flatten it out with stitching, so fabric glue seemed to be the best option.  Everything else is machine stitched in place, and all the fabric edges were left raw (I think it's more "artsy" that way!) The size is 8" tall and 5" wide, and there is a hanging sleeve on the back.

If you would like to know more about prayer flags, there is a wonderful blog you should read called The Prayer Flag Project.  People from around the world submit photos of their flags.  It's very inspiring!


wendiek said...

I saw it on Craftster, AMAZING Leslie!!

Unbelievable how you created a 3D flag with fabric!

You will post this on Craftster in a separate post, yes? I will ROCK it so hard, because it does!

Very, very pretty! I am sure Susan is so happy with it!

Kay said...

The nest is amazing. I will be having a look at the blog you mentioned. Thanks for the link.

TinaW said...

This is really fantastic, Leslie! You did a wonderful job. I love how colorful and touchable it is.

Alexandra Abarca said...

Leslie looks really good, the birds, pretty.

Have a nice week.

Costa Rica

Unknown said...

please, the lettering is wonderful, leslie. you get your printer to really cooperate with your projects! much better than mine. i love this flag so much--it is one of the nicest scrappiest art pieces ive ever seen.

LimeRiot said...

This is so lovely, Leslie. The way you did the nest is so neat. I could imagine a real spring nest looking just like that!!

I need to go visit the gallery!

Leslie Andersen said...

Thanks, everyone!

Wendiek, I will post it on Craftster when my second prayer flag is received; the two of them are similar in style and colors, so they will go together well in a single post.

Mrs. Liddell said...

WoW! So gorgeous!