Monday, April 8, 2013

Back-Up Bunny

I had a nice surprise last week. It started with this little stuffed bunny I made a while back, for a customer to give to her friend who was having a baby.  The free pattern is from RevoluzZza (the same place you can find the ninni monster pattern). I made just this one bunny, then put the pattern away and forgot all about it.

I got my surprise when I saw this picture, below, on Facebook. That beautiful baby is holding the bunny I made!  Her mother was trying to find out where the bunny came from, because it is her daughter's all-time favorite toy--she carries it around all day and can't go to sleep at night without it.  The mom said she doesn't know what they would do if the bunny was ever lost.  They need a back-up bunny!!

Even though I'm not selling my work any more, there was NO WAY I could say no to this baby! So I made the back-up bunny, below.  At the mother's request, I made it a little different than the first one--can you spot the changes?

If you are ever looking for a simple toy to make for a baby, consider this pattern. You can finish it in an afternoon, and it is baby-approved!


B Greene said...

What a great story!!! You have a great heart!

LimeRiot said...

Awww, that is so sweet, Leslie! What a happy surprise to see the smile you put on that adorable girls face. I'm sure that both mamma and baby will feel safer now that they have a back-up bunny :).

Unknown said...

Beautifully and bunnifully crafted, Leslie. And no doubt about it from that photograph--these two were made for each other!

Alexandra Abarca said...

Hi Leslie:

This post is so funny, well the baby will be calm and happy too with her Bunny.

Costa Rica

Kay said...

How sweet, the little girl and her bunny are adorable together. It must make your kind heart happy to see them together too. I am so glad she has another bunny, there is nothing so scarey as your baby losing her favourite softie.

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