Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A New Knit Dress

Hoo-boy, this day didn't start out very well. Yesterday I had a root canal, and today my head was throbbing so much I didn't want to move at all.   Since I knew I would probably be sitting on the sofa all day, this morning I decided to tackle a new knit doll dress pattern, so my day wouldn't be wasted.

This is a free pattern that I found on Ravelry, called the Blythe Lacey Mini Dress by Jane Pierrepont (aka Polly from Polly Makes.) She is a fabulous knitter and designer, and I really appreciate the great patterns she offers for free!  Thanks, Polly!

 I've considered trying this pattern before, but I wasn't sure I could do the fancy stitches.  Since I had nothing but time today, I told myself to just go for it--and it came out GREAT!!!

When I saw the lacey pattern starting to develop, I think I might have started chortling with glee!  This was so satisfying to knit, and once I got the hang of it, it didn't seem hard at all.  It is knit on two needles, so it has  a seam half-way up the back, and closes at the top with a snap. I made up the flower detail from wool felt and cotton embroidery floss.

The bottom edge was the hardest part; I actually had to try it at least half a dozen times before I figured it out--but what a great feeling of accomplishment when I finally got it!

My head is starting to feel better now, and I have some new knitting skills--so I guess this day wasn't so bad after all!


Kay said...

This is lovely. My gran used to knit all kinds of wonderful things for me, but the art of knitting somehow eluded me as I never got the hang of it. hope you are feeling better too.

waggonswest said...

That turned out beautifully.

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