Thursday, June 13, 2013

Morsbag Swap, Round 2

Last year, I organized the first round of the Morsbag Swap at Craftster; it was so popular that I decided to run it again, and the beautiful bags are currently pouring into the gallery!!

Morsbags are reusable shopping bags, made from a simple pattern; everyone in the swap was encouraged to do something "extra" to the bag they make for their partner, and that is what makes the gallery so interesting--each bag starts with the same pattern, but the finished products are all completely different.

In addition to the morsbag, we swapped one medium crafted item, or two small crafted items. Here's what I sent to my partner, Kira:

Kira said she loves "jewel bright" colors, so when I saw this fabric at the store, I didn't think twice--I quickly bought a yard of it!  It really is perfect. I personalized the bag with her first initial, which I cut using my Sizzix machine.

You may recognize this cute little zippered pouch from my last post:  I showed you the one I made for my Mod Swap partner.  I used the same simple bird pattern I had drawn for that pouch, but this time the fabrics I chose are more in keeping with Kira's tastes.

Kira said she likes small items because she doesn't have a lot of space in her house, so an embellished matchbox seemed like a good choice.  I've made these monsters before, and they seemed perfect for her because she is an artist and frequently draws cute monsters.

I felt like I wanted to add something else to my package, so I threw in this scissors fob, and a nice pair of my favorite Fiscars needlework scissors.

I am really looking forward to receiving my package from Kira, because she is an amazing artist and crafter--I was so fortunate to be able to swap with her!

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Kay said...

I am sure she will love all of these. The monsters are especially cute, and this from someone that doesn't usually do monsters.