Saturday, July 20, 2013

July Challenge Day #20

Yesterday, on Craftster, I saw the cutest little fabric baskets; I loved them so much that I immediately went to the tutorial at Seaside Stitches and started working on one for myself! This is it. It was really simple, and although it did take some time to do all the machine quilting, it came together pretty quickly, and was very satisfying to make. I feel that the first one of anything that I make is a practice item, and I make changes in the next one. The one thing I will change next time (probably tomorrow!) is my fabric choice; I played it safe with the outer fabric, and it looks a little boring to me.

I made this one with two 12" squares of fabric, and I used a 3" gusset on the four corners. The finished basket is 5" wide and 3" tall--a good size for all the odds and ends that accumulate near me when I'm sewing or crafting!


bethwalker07 said...

Ha! I just pinned this tutorial the other day! How fun that you made one, and thanks for including the measurements you used. Cute!

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