Friday, August 12, 2011

Hungry, Hungry Monster

Whoever said "Cute doesn't need a reason" sure knew what she was talking about!  Case in point:  these CUTE little monsters!  The pattern is by Ellen Luckett Baker and it's FREE over at The Long Thread (

Ellen calls it a Monster Tooth Pillow, and it was created for children waiting for the Tooth Fairy.  But couldn't people who aren't losing teeth (I hope!) have a few of these monsters too?  Of course we could!  Because cute doesn't need a reason!  So my friend Susan (  and I are going to host a swap of these monster pillows on Craftster.  We are going to call them simply "Hungry Monsters" because they have a mouth that is a pocket. 

Wouldn't one of these be a great gift for your friends (both young and old) at Halloween, with some candy in the mouth?  And a group of them would look awesome any time of year, just sitting around on your sofa!  And who says they have to be only 6" tall?  Not me!  They could be any size, any fabric...and don't get me started on embellishments...!!   Just thinking of what the crafty swappers on Craftster will do with this pattern makes my mind race.  I can't wait to see them all!  Why don't you join us at ?  The fun will start later this month.


Unknown said...

eeeeep! where did that striped one come from??!! you better keep an eye on them, Leslie. Methinks they are MULTIPLYING! I was also thinking, for those with the ability, that they would be so cute for juggling.

There is not a piece of cotton in my stash that wouldn't look good as a hungry monster. And what about for Valentine's Day??!! All those heart, pinky, red fabrics? I love them to (Reese's) pieces!

Anonymous said...

Really cute :) I think I'll be back in for this one ;) Making the last monster was so much fun :D