Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What I Like About Fabric.com

I buy a LOT of fabric, and I get 75% of it on-line.  I've shopped at http://www.fabric.com/ for many years and I have always been happy with them.  Their fabrics are cheaper than most other stores, because they are not the newest or latest from the manufacturers.  The order I received yesterday is a good example of how they operate; let me tell you about it.

On August 8th I placed an order; I wanted some white linen for dishtowels, and while I was there I threw a few more things into my shopping cart...to the tune of $116.78 (that is not unusual for me).  One of the best things to know about fabric.com is that THERE IS ALWAYS A COUPON, you just have to find it!!  I usually just google "coupon for fabric.com" (or whatever store I'm shopping at).  Usually their coupons are for 10%-15%, but this time I hit the jackpot with a 20% off coupon!  So I saved $23.40, bringing my total down to $93.38--I LOVE THAT!

Yesterday, August 15th, my order arrived.  I eagerly dug through the fabric...and I came up with something odd, a cream-colored batik, that I hadn't ordered.  I checked the invoice, and the sticker on the fabric, and sure enough, someone had made a mistake.
The batik is on the top; it should have been an alternate colorway of the purple polkadots on the bottom.  So I called fabric.com.  I was on hold for a few minutes (I was given the option to go to voicemail, but I waited instead.)  I explained the mix-up to the lady on the phone; she took my order number and the name of the missing fabric; then she told me she would have the correct fabric in the mail to me right away, and that I could keep the batik (or donate it if I couldn't use it)!    Five minutes later, when I checked my e-mail, there was a message from them saying the fabric would soon be shipped.  That's really great service.

One of the things I added to my shopping cart on a whim was the "Three Pound Cotton Remnant Assortment".  I couldn't resist the mystery of it!  I have to say it was a little disappointing, because I didn't like most of the fabrics, but I will find a use for them (I recently found the tutorial for fabric coil bowls, and I'm dying to make some! These fabrics would be good for that, because you will see the colors but not the prints.)  Here are the fabrics I liked in the assortment:

And here are the ones that didn't really grab me:
Oh well, it was $19.98 (minus 20%) for about 7 yards of fabric.

One more thing I like about fabric.com:  you accrue points for shopping there, and when your points reach a certain level, you can redeem them for a dollars-off coupon.  If you let them add up for a while, like I do, you will eventually have enough for a $50 dollar coupon!  I've done that twice in my 10 years of shopping there.  Awesome!!

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