Monday, March 5, 2012

Have You Seen This Frog?

I am desperately seeking more of the frog fabric I used on this bag:

The pattern is called "Ribbit" and it was manufactured by Waverly about 5-6 years ago.  I bought several yards a while ago, and this has been a very popular bag for me.  So popular, in fact, that all I have left is a small scrap.  The bag in this picture is my very last one.

Last week I got a phone call from a woman who owns a gift shop; she has been using and enjoying one of my frog bags for several years, and she wants to carry them in her store.  Not realizing I was completely out of the frog fabric, I agreed to make several and send them to her!  Later, looking through my fabric, I realized my mistake.  Yikes!  I quickly went online to search for more "Ribbit" fabric, and there is none to be found.  I had to call her back and break the bad news.  She was very quiet, then said that she had already called a customer--a lady who collects frogs and has admired the owner's bag--and told her that she was getting a frog bag for her!  It occured to me that I might possibly have one frog bag left at the store where I sell my work, so I told her I would go out there and check.  YES!  The very last one was still there.

If you have any of this fabric, I would love to buy it from you or swap you for it.  Or if you can give me any information leading to a place where I could buy it, I will send you a little handmade reward--how about that??

The shop owner still wants my bags, even if they aren't frog bags; she placed an order for seven of them (plus the one remaining frog), so I have a busy week of sewing ahead!


Unknown said...

leave it to you to make frog fabric haute couture, leslie.
truly, did somebody have to kiss those frogs to make that princely purse?

good luck in the search!

waggonswest said...

Leslie, did you see the fabric finder on Craft Gossip this morning? Supposedly if you have a good enough picture it will like to sites that sell your fabric. It would be worth a try.

Leslie Andersen said...

Thanks Charlene, that's a great idea, I will try it!

Unknown said...

All the tips you have shared are lovely !!! Thank you.

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