Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to Make a Great Swap Package

I've been doing craft swaps on Craftster for about a year and a half; I love it, and I always have at least one swap going on.  Making something specifically for another person, and receiving something she made just for you is fun!  But there's more to it than just making your item, packing it and mailing it.  A great swap package includes some extra details, all of which can be found in the package I received today from Tina.  We arranged to do a personal swap of a prayer flag.  Here's how to make a great swap package, Tina-style:

1.  Thoughtfully make the crafted item you have agreed to swap.
We decided to use "Hope" as the theme for our prayer flags.  Tina used bright Fall colors, and an acorn, to symbolize hope for the future.  Everything is hand-stitched, and there is a lot of stitched detail on the acorn cap and the letters.  This pretty flag is going up on my front door!

2.  Wrap the crafted item nicely and include a card.
Tina used pretty yellow tissue paper and tied it with baker's twine.  The card she included is really cool--it's a print from one of her art journal pages.  She had it printed at Ink Garden.

3.  Surprise your partner with some unexpected goodies.
Tina generously included some vintage linens she had been given, plus some small pieces of fabric and ribbon.  I can't wait to think of ways to use these wonderful gifts!

4.  Before mailing, be sure your package looks FUN!
Yep, this envelope passes the "fun" test!  The front is embellished with stamped stars, decorative paper, and the phrase "Beauty surrounds you because you create it."  She also made my name and address special by drawing a starburst around it.



I've never received a more exciting swap package, and I'm never going to send another one without following the four steps of "Tina Style"!


Alexandra Abarca said...

Hi Leslie: We had made all the hearts, now they are ready for put the things on.

With this nice swap, you are so lucky, enjoy it.

Costa Rica

Kay said...

So much fun and thought. in one little parcel. The prayer flag is lovely too.

craftmates said...

What a great package! I also enjoy swapping and I am a member of both swap-bot and craftster. Thanks for the tips.