Monday, September 3, 2012

Jenna Likes Cats

It's been a while since I've shown work by my favorite artist (my daughter Jenna!)  She's in her second year of art school right now, but she did all the work shown here during high school.

We have four cats, so it's no surprise that they have shown up in Jenna's paintings. She works mostly from photographs, and these paintings are all done with acrylic paints.

 First, our male Siamese, Sake, sitting in a stack of boxes.  I love the shadings of color in his fur:

Next, our female Siamese, Suki, gazing out the window onto our back yard.  This is a favorite location for our indoor cats.  The vine is a pretty weed that grew up the side of the house and across the screen.  I love the calm feeling of this painting:

We currently have a large tabby names Juniper, whom we rescued from the animal shelter when our previous    equally-large tabby died.  Jenna hasn't painted Juniper yet, but the two tabbies look so similar that this painting of Toulouse works for both!  I love the slightly abstract quality of this one:

And now we come to the world's most excellent cat:  Q-tip.  We rescued her at the same time as Juniper. Q-tip is Jenna's cat, and she is her favorite thing in the whole world.  This painting was done for a class assignment.  This painting is so fun to look at!

Oh--hi, Q-tip!

For another class assignment, Jenna piled all our cats on top of each other (in clay form), going from large to small.  Her favorite Q-tip is queen of the hill!  (This sculpture cracks me up every time I see it!)

Front view:

Side view (Juniper's face is visible):

The other side view (the Siamese cats' faces are visible):

Nice work, Jenna!


Alexandra Abarca said...

Jenna is an artist!!!!! congratulations, the cat are so nice.

Lats saturday we startes cut the hearts.

Have a nice week,

Costa Rica

Helen said...

All of these are fantastic! I wish I had half as much talent :)

The expression on the cats faces is amazing, and the sculpture is fantastic - looks like they all had a fight and Q-Tip is sitting on top as victor!

Unknown said...

wow--i didn't know that jenna sculpted as well and i really love the pile of cats. there's always a king/queen of the hill and qtip is hers. i love the paintings. i had an amazing siamese growing up--samantha joseph--so i esp like that painting and i love the window cat. wonderful!

Kira - said...

Wow! Gorgeous kitty paintings! She is talented! My favorite is the first one of sake in the box.

Leslie Andersen said...

Thanks, everyone; I am very proud of her (obviously!!)