Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hearts for Children of Chernobyl

I love making hearts, and I love it when I can help a worthy cause with my hearts!

 I was recently contacted by Cecilia, who runs a program in the state of Washington called Children of Chernobyl. They raise funds to bring children from the area of Russia that was affected by a nuclear accident over 20 years ago, to her city for a health respite and medical care.  Cecilia is putting together baskets for a silent auction during their annual fundraiser, and she wanted to include one of my Hope Hearts starter kits in a crafts basket.  She also had the idea of including a clear pitcher of hearts as a "visual" near the basket.  Of course I agreed to send the Hope Hearts starter kit (which I am still sending, free of charge, to anyone who asks--the information is at the top of this page), but I also wanted to help fill up the pitcher, so I am also sending the dozen hearts in this picture.

Good luck with your fundraiser, Cecilia, and God bless you for helping children!!


LimeRiot said...

How kind of you, Leslie. These look like extra special hearts for a very worthy cause. We had a student who was from Chernobyl in my elementary school. She was such a beautiful person in every way.

Kay said...

Such lovely hearts are sure to help raise lots of money. Thank you for sharing and your example.

By Neymes said...


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