Friday, October 28, 2011

The Post Office Loves Me

When I posted the tutorial for my scrappy patchwork technique, which included a scrap fabric giveaway, I expected to get a few requests for scraps from Craftster members, and that's just what happened the first couple of days.  Then yesterday, my Scrappy Snappy Pouches tutorial (which again included a scrap giveaway) appeared on now I'm almost afraid to read my e-mail because I've been flooded with requests for scraps!

I went to the post office again today, to send fabric-scrap-filled envelopes throughout the U.S. and Canada.  So far I've mailed 32 envelopes, so if you requested scraps before 10am EST today, your envelope is heading your way right now!  Here's my mail bag:

One of the envelopes in the bag actually contains a scrap of the chicken print fabric left over from making this bag (several years ago)!  Who will get it?

Ironically, after mailing away so many scraps, it actually seems that I have MORE scraps now than when I started!  It's as if every time I put one in an envelope, two more sneak into the pile!  Where are they coming from?  Take a look:
Sadly, this is how my living room looks right now, so if you haven't requested your scraps yet, don't worry, I've still got some!


Unknown said...

well, rabbits are supposed to multiply like crazy. do you happen to have a lot of bunny prints?? you can send those my way. i want to know who is the getter of that chicken print scrap--it's like one of Leslie's golden rings. It's so Wonka!

Muireann said...

You're incredibly generous to do this, good luck with the rest of it!

Lauren Douglas said...

haha @ Susan ab's comment!
And thank you again for my awesome scraps! Pink is totally me! :) Glad I got to request some before the flood! ;D

Helen said...

omg - that pile certainly doesn't seem to be getting any smaller!

It must be costing you a fortune in postage :p

BTW - know what you're gatting for your 'pay-it-forward'! just need to get my ar*e into gear and make it :)

Unknown said...

I received my envelope a couple days ago - love it!

Thank you so much Leslie for being so generous :)