Monday, February 20, 2012

Strawberry Pouch

I make a lot of zippererd pouches, and I've decided I need to step up my game a little--you can find a basic fabric pouch at every major retail store, so mine should be something unique, something that you CAN'T find at a big store.  That's what hand-made is all about.

I just got these marvelous fabrics in the mail this week (a gift from my equally marvelous friend, Susan!)  I decided to use the cute strawberry print fabric for my pouch.

I found a red polka-dot fabric to add to the front for constrast, and I wanted to do something else, but what?  A button?  Something embroidered?  Taking my cue from the fabric itself, I settled on a felt strawberry on a square background, sort of like a badge or medallion (or maybe a postage stamp?)  I cut the green square using a ruler and my pinking shears; I cut out the strawberry and stem freehand.  Here it is before any sewing has taken place:

Here it is, hand-sewn onto the fabric that will be the front of the pouch.  Isn't it cute?!

This is a medium-sized pouch, measuring 6.5" x 5".  It's a perfect size for organizing the small things in your purse.

I also used the red polka-dot fabric for the lining.

I finished it off with a leaf charm tied with a red ribbon to the zipper.  (I wish I had a strawberry charm!)

It's so exciting when something comes out just the way you want it to!  No more plain pouches for me! 


Unknown said...

I should have guessed that any fabric I sent to you was somehow destined for greatness.
I've heard of horse whisperers and dog whisperers but taking your cue from the FQ itself makes you our first fabric whisperer.
Beyond cute. Cute squared, minimum.
That freehand strawberry stamp is amazing.
Love. This. To. Pieces.

LimeRiot said...

Those fabrics are ADORABLE! I can't wait to see what you do with the pink elephants. I think that's my favorite :).

I love the felt embellishment. It really is a lovely detail that brings the whole pouch together.

waggonswest said...

Wonderful as always. I'm waiting to see what you do with the cars. I love that fabric.