Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One White Bag

Regular readers of this blog will remember my customer (a friend of my mother in Arkansas) who ordered some special bags back in the fall.  First there was the all-black bag

which was followed by the all-brown bag

which has now been followed by the all-white bag!  The light-weight cotton fabric on the front came with the pin-tucks and lace sewn on already.  The back and inside are canvas.

I'm sure you're thinking "how will she keep it clean?"  The answer is, she will throw it in the washing machine frequently!

I know that because this is actually the SECOND all-white bag she has ordered from me; the first one has lasted through several summers and many trips through the washing machine!  I Scotch-Guarded this one and sent it on it's way to her last week.
Although I prefer the freedom of sewing whatever I feel like making for my booth at Country Treasures, these unusual special orders force me to think in new ways about the things I make.  Lessons I learn from special orders always transfer over to my daily sewing, adding to both my experience and creativity--so bring it on!


fiddlegirl8 said...

Leslie - a beautiful bag to add to your repertoire!! :)

waggonswest said...

Very nice.

Wendie Koster said...

Stunning! What a show of, this bag. Great job, Leslie!

Unknown said...

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