Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Fabric Rainbow

Look what I got in the mail!

This fabric is from Moda; the line is "Good Morning", and this is a 40-piece fat-eighths assortment.  A fat eighth measures 9" x 22".  That's a total of 5 yards.  I saw this at when I was browsing last week.  I LOVE all these colors, and the prints are fun.  It was even on sale, $55 instead of the usual price of $65.  But...I got it for MUCH LESS than that...

I only paid $5!!!

Every time you shop at, you earn points towards a coupon.  I have been letting my points accrue for several years, and there was a $50 coupon waiting for me. Since they give you free shipping on orders over $35, I didn't hesitate--I treated myself to this delicious bundle of fabric!

That's why I shop at!


Unknown said...

that is a beautiful haul, leslie--as yummy as it gets. i love moda fabric. they really have the range from pretty as can be to totally cool, too.
that was a steal!

wendiek said...

Oh, I love, love the colours and patterns of all those pieces!

I love discounts, who doesn't. Good deal, Leslie!

I'll take a look over there too, maybe it is worth it.

Have fun with it!

Alexandra Abarca said...

Leslie waaauuuuu, well congratulationes only 5$, enjoy it.

Have a nice weekend.

Costa Rica

waggonswest said...

What a treat! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Wendy said...

arghhhh, you lucky, lucky thing! Fabric is so expensive over here, you can barely get a fat quarter for $5!!

LimeRiot said...

What fun!! Whenever I have fabric collections like that, I have the hardest time cutting into them! I like to keep them together and admire them :).