Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Wreath

Here's the wonderfully creepy-cute mummy ninni monster I received from my partner Bunnie Boo in a recent craft swap on Craftster:

The heart under the wrappings, the stitched mouth, and especially that crazy red eye make me love him so much I HAD to find a way to display him prominently for Halloween, so I decided to make him the focal point of a wreath for my front door.  Here's the final product:

It came out great, right?  All it took was a quick trip to my local JoAnn's store.  The Halloween decorations were on sale, so I only spent $13 there--that was my cheapest visit to that store, ever!  Here's what I got (and what you will need if you want to make a similar wreath):  a wire wreath form, 1 1/2 yards of black, stretchy, sparkly fabric, a package of Martha Stewart bat cutouts, and a package of "spiderwebs" with plastic spiders.  I also used polyester quilt batting and cotton cheesecloth, both of which I had on hand already.

If I had found a black wreath, I would have used that for my base, but there weren't any in the store, so I made my own black wreath by first wrapping the wire frame with quilt batting strips...

...then cutting the black fabric into strips and wrapping that over the batting.  I sewed everything in place (because glue guns get messy and the glue is permanent, and I like to have the option of changing things later if I wish.)

I loosely wrapped strips of cheesecloth around the wreath for a "festive" look, then arranged the mummy, spiderwebs, spiders and bats.

I make excuses to go in and out my front door just so I can look at my wonderful mummy-ninni wreath now!  It's the creepiest thing I've ever made, and I love it!


Alexandra Abarca said...

Hi Leslie:

is so funny this Halloween decoration.

Costa Rica

craftmates said...

I love that wreath!!!