Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fancy Doll Stands

I've been working on a series of stands for Blythe dolls. These dolls don't stand on their own, so they are sold with a plain plastic stand.  I wanted to make something really cute and fun, with a theme or a scene that would be a good display item.  

Here's the first one I made; the theme was "spring". 

All the supplies came from local craft stores (Joann's and Michaels). The base is a wooden plaque with a hole drilled in it for the 1/4" dowel that holds the doll in place. I left most of the dowel unpainted, because Blythe dolls tend to pick up stains easily, so it's safer this way. 

I made the bush by embroidering flowers on a fabric yoyo, then stuffing it.

To put the doll on the stand, you just position her with the dowel inside the back of her clothes and she stands there just fine! I made this dress and headband to go with the stand and expand on the theme.

The next one is a "candy land" theme. I found the little wheelbarrow at Michaels, and I made the candy out of polymer clay.

The tree is a cone made of felt.

Again, I made this dress and headband to go with the stand and go with the theme.

I made this last one for a swap partner at Craftster in the recent "Invite Your Partner" swap. (It is a fun swap because you pick your own partner and the two of you decide what you will swap. We swapped Blythe doll goodies.) My partner is a musician, so I knew that would be a great theme to go with for her. 

Everything is hot glued in place, and there is a square of felt on the bottom of the stand so it won't scratch the shelf or table where it is displayed.

This time I bought the dress instead of making it, because it came with the plastic violin and bow that I needed for the stand! I also purchased the music stand from a dollhouse supply place.

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hey9irlie said...

These are fab! The deer one is one of my most favourite ones. So pretty.