Friday, October 26, 2012

Bookcases Aren't Just for Books

I love bookcases!  We have quite a few of them in our house, and they hold a lot more than books.

I have two Blythe dolls who were in desperate need of a place to "live". I've seen some interesting dollhouses made from bookcases (like this one on LA Weekly), so I decided to clear off one of the bookshelves in our family room to make a little place for Grace and Bonnie.  Below you can see the progress I've made on their humble abode.  I've only finished Step One: Walls.

I didn't want to apply anything directly to the bookshelf that was permanent, so I used foam core board and scrapbook paper to build three free-standing walls.  I hadn't worked with foam core board before, and I was surprised at how easy it was to cut to size with an X-acto knife. I can imagine making a lot of things from this crafty material.

Here are the bookcases, below.  As you can see, they actually hold  very few books, so turning one shelf into a dolly apartment isn't really that far-out.

The dollhouse is looking rather bare, though, isn't it?  The chair and ottoman in the picture are both actually pincushions; I've had the chair forever, and I received the beautifully-made "ottoman" in a craft swap from alwaysinmyroom on Craftster.  The next thing I have in mind is to put a couple of pictures on the long wall, using some ATC-sized wooden frames that I already have. I just need to come up with some art to go in them!

A little more furniture might be in order as well.  I can see that Grace and Bonnie may end up playing Musical Chairs to decide who gets to sit when they are tired of fact, things are starting to get a little tense already...

So tell me, dear reader, what's on your bookshelf?


Alexandra Abarca said...

Leslie you make beuatiful things, like you show us with a bookcase, thanks.

Have a nice weekend.

Costa Rica

Kay said...

Books, books, and more books. In fact we have run out of space to put bookcases and I even have piles all over the floor. However I do have some shelves in my kitchen which only have jugs on them, jugs being another passion of mine that my husbamd can't understand.

wendiek said...

We have stuff all over the place... in boxes, on the top of closets, on the tv, ...
We have quite big (or large, I don't know) windowsills were I have like a temporary exhibition. Right now that is a Autumn exhibition, with leafs, acorns, pine cones, some moss and little hedgehogs of clay made by my boys (with toothpicks as pins, so cute) and two pumpkins made by me.

I like your bookcases, Leslie! Lots to see. (I can even see a very familiar cat in one of them, :) ) Thanks for sharing!

Leslie Andersen said...

Kay, your jug collection sounds great!

Wendie, your house sounds wonderful and interesting!