Friday, October 12, 2012

Dolly Clothes

I recently had the chance to make some Blythe doll clothes for my partner in a craft swap on Craftster.  I had big plans for an outfit plus coordinating accessories, including an embroidered headband and a necklace, but alas, I ran out of time, so I just made this skirt and t-shirt.  This is my Blythe doll, Bonnie modeling the clothes before I sent them off to Florida.

The t-shirt is from a pattern from Puchi Collective.  I just happened to have a brand-new t-shirt I got for free when I bought several cartons of Coke products; the t-shirt was too small for me, which meant it was perfect to cut up for doll clothes!  I did several practice shirts, sewn on the machine, but they tended to end up with unpredictable wonky areas, so I sewed this shirt by hand.  It's so small it really didn't take long at all.  Because Blythe dolls have such gigantic heads, their shirts all open in the back, and close with snaps or velcro.  (I used snaps.)

The skirt pattern comes from a website called miseducated.  The skirt itself is very simple, so I made it special with applique and embroidery.  It is made from wool felt.

I think Bonnie needs an outfit just like this.  Now that I know the tricks to making it, maybe I'll make her a few!


Alexandra Abarca said...

Hi Leslie the dolly clothes looks a difficult stuff, your dolly looks really nice.

Have a nice weekend.

Costa Rica

Kay said...

The skirt is adorable!!

craftmates said...

Wow Leslie, that is an awesome outfit! You're such a great sewer!

Leslie Andersen said...

Thanks everyone! It is fun to sew for my doll!

waggonswest said...

That is adorable Leslie. I really like the fact that you were able to use your mad felt skills on the skirt.

Unknown said...

What a great outfit! I love all the details and color--it feels very European to me. So pretty!

LimeRiot said...

I want a grown-up sized version of this outfit!! I especially love the skirt. Your attention to detail makes all of your work so extra special.

Blythe dolls fascinate me. I don't have one but I really like them.

Leslie Andersen said...

Thanks, Charlene, Susan and Mareth!

Mareth, I like the idea of making an adult-size outfit like this! If I ever do, I'll let you know!