Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Box of Hearts

Here are the hearts I promised to show you, from my personal swap with Jo S. on Craftster.  If you haven't checked out Craftster yet, please do!  If you create a Craftster account, come back here and leave a comment including your Craftster user name, and I will send you a handmade gift!  No strings attached--no kidding!! (I will send you a private message on Craftster to get your mailing address; so when you see a message from Leslieshappyheart, you will know it's me!)

Our swap was to fill a small flat rate box with hearts.  This is how the box looked before I closed it up.  Jo's favorite colors are turquoisy-blue, limey-green, and red, so I made a lot of the hearts in those colors.

This is the one that was in-progress in the previous post.  I love how crazy-cute it is!

These two embroidered hearts are based on items Jo has in her Pinterest.  (If you don't have a Pinterest account, you really should give it a try--it is a great place to pull together pictures of everything you like in the world.  Wouldn't your husband--boyfriend--mother--sister--want to see pictures of what you are wishing for when gift-giving occasions roll around?)  Both hearts are cotton embroidery thread on linen.  The bird heart has a green silk back, and the flower heart has a red silk back.  The filling is polyester fiberfil.

These three hearts are all made of wool felt.  The green one is beaded the same on the front and the back; the back of the blue one has small blue beads; and the red one has a combination of embroidered stars and sewn beads on both front and back.  I love all of these, but the flower is my favorite!

The two larger hearts in this picture are obviously made of the same fabric.  The colors are so perfect for Jo that I had to use it twice!  The smaller heart is wool felt with sewn beads and a button on the front only.

These three are the "weird" ones in the bunch!  I talked about the perler bead hearts in a previous post.  The blue heart didn't come out as great as I had hoped; Jo has several Virgin Mary related things in her Pinterest, so I sewed a Miraculous Medal onto the blue heart and covered it with white netting, hoping for an etherial feeling...hmmm, it isn't quite there somehow...

These three are more my colors and style--I like these bright colors, the pink especially!

I believe I just mentioned that I like pink...need I say more?

These are my favorite three. (The button heart gets another picture!)  The big "S" heart was inspired by several things on Jo's Pinterest that had her initial on them.  The S is made of wool felt, machine sewn onto the fabric.  The small heart with the BIG flower is perhaps my favorite of all of them.  It is all wool felt, and it is small enought that it could be worn as a brooch.  (Good idea, I may have to make some more...)

That's the end of my show-and-tell about the box of hearts.  I made twenty hearts.  When I proposed the swap to Jo, I couldn't think of more that a few right off the top of my head, but as I continued to think about it and work on the hearts, more ideas occured to me, until I filled the whole box.  I have found that this is how it usually is with swaps:  I start with a small idea that grows and develops as I spend time and effort working on it, and the end result is almost always bigger and better than I could have imagined at the beginning.  That's why swapping is such a great activity--it makes you grow as a crafter.

Next week I will prove this to you by showing you the "Mystery Critter" I just mailed to another swapper today.  I never thought I would make what I made!!


Unknown said...

WoW, Leslie! im bowled over by these--I guess I just couldnt imagine what a whole box o' hearts could be! Youve spent time with them, so youve come to know your favs. I dont know--i LOvE the button flowers one, a sweet little garden. i love all the button ones, especially (ha ha, that barely narrows it down! Good!) and those birds! Anyway, i am amazed at how crisp and creative your creations are always. Dont you EVER eat while crafting? ;-)

Unknown said...

Edit: how crisp and clean and know, 20 hearts--0 stains. Thats just wrong!

perla said...

all those hearth are just awesome!!!! i lovethem all!!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, those are so beautiful! (I'm kaybeeee on Craftster!)
I totally started reading your blog after you messaged me. Beautiful work, your purses are so well done! My mum was even impressed, and she is a very talented lady (and hard to impress!)

take care!

Mini_mum said...

wow - just love the hearts, and love the blog! I want to do some hearts now, but doesn't seem right doing them for yourself, so think it'll be hearts for Christmas pressies this year!

(mini_mum on craftster :))

Leslie Andersen said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! Mini_mum, I think hearts filled with lavender would be awesome gifts!