Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fork and Talk Part 2--The Swag!!

The afternoon at Trio's restaurant in Little Rock-- when I met with 19 other bloggers thanks to Craft Gossip and EK Success Brands--was awesome all by itself, but it got EVEN BETTER at the end when we all got bags full of crafty goodness!!  There was so much stuff, that it wouldn't all fit in the big yellow backpacks that came with it--one of the editors of Craft Gossip had to run to the grocery store to get paper bags to hold the overflow!  You won't believe everything I got!

Martha Stewart goodies:

Perler beads!  I haven't used those in a while!

Awesomely cute sewn-animal kits; big paper punches for boarders, and scissors (I love scissors!)

Sewing kits for pillows and a wall-hanging; rubber stamps and backing blocks,and stamping ink

Laliberi brand kits for making a lot of different kinds of jewelry, plus a few individual components:

Scrapbooker's heaven!  So many stickers, papers and embellishments!

I have to show you my absolute favorites!  Out of all that wonderful stuff, here are the items that thrilled me the most: 
--racoon-stuffies kit (an American Girl Dolls product--sooo cute!)
--bird ornament kit, also sooo cute!
--Martha Stewart colored pens
--Cutter Bee scissors (I love scissors, I can't have too many!)
--scrapbooking 3-d bird embellishments
--scrapbooking "buttons" with pretty nature themes
--a cool little notebook with various papers for pages
--Smash Pad themed papers
--the big yellow backpack that most of the things came in, with the EK Success logo on the front.  I love all kinds of bags and I will get a lot of use out of this one!
 In future posts I will tell you more about these products, after I've had a chance to try them out.  If you are curious about any of these products in particular, leave a comment below and I will post about that one first!


Unknown said...

Wow--what a nice crafty haul! Should keep you busy. You know, I never tried perler beads. After reading this post I Google imaged it and I saw that there are some people who are doing some interesting things with them. The search led me to this blogger who is definitely taking perler art to a different level:
Just wondering why this hasn't become something the way Legos have become sculpture materials. Long story short--do I see a swap idea here?

Leslie Andersen said...

You're always thinking, aren't you, Susan? I also searched "perler" on Etsy and there are tons of things there.