Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Etsy Shop Review: Inspire Lovely

I have to show you the order I received this week from an Etsy shop called Inspire Lovely.  It was indeed a lovely package, starting with the address label, which starts out "To The Lovely Leslie Andersen"!  How sweet!

I was floored when I removed the packet from the envelope--look how Debee wrapped it! A big piece of fun polka dot tissue paper, a paper doily, and her card, all wrapped up with black and white baker's twine.  I've recently become aware of baker's twine as a crafting item, and I bought a big roll of red and white twine, but I haven't thought of a way to use it yet.  This is getting my mental wheels turning.

When I unwrapped everything, the wrapping was bigger than my order!  I will be able to use the tissue paper, doily, and twine again.

This is what I ordered:  three yards of black and white polka dot ribbon, and a small box of white sequins.  The wrappings were color-coordinated to my purchase! 

Inspire Lovely's shop announcement says it is:  "A place where you can find lovely and inspiring * paper * handmade crochet * packaging * art* items. I share exclusively designed items for you to enjoy. I hope you love my little creations as much as I loved making them :)" 

The price on the ribbon was great (that's what I went there for--the sequins were an impulse buy!)--it was just $1.75 for 3 yards.  I will be going back for more.  Thank you Debee, for sharing your lovely approach to life with us.


Hi I'm Debee :) said...

Hi Leslie, you are SO sweet! so happy your parcel made it safely to you and you enjoyed all the little details i love too :) it's nice when it's all appreciated and noticed. Makes all the time and detail worth it :) Enjoy your creative time!


Suzy said...

Wow!!! What a great thing to get in the mail!! That would just absolutely brighten my day! Heading over to check out her Etsy shop right now!!

Unknown said...

that was packaged with so much care! when i receive something that shows such creativity and thought, it makes my day and, yeah, it makes me so happy to be one of their shoppers. Great going, Debee!