Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Hope" Hearts Reminder

Two weeks ago I told you about my wish to send hope, in the form of hearts, to AmandaBL on Craftster (you can read that post HERE).  I would like to mail them to her shortly after Thanksgiving, so this is a little ~PUSH~ to anyone who was thinking of making a heart for her, but you just haven't gotten around to it yet--it's time! Let me know if you will be sending soon so I can set a firm date to mail them.  It wouldn't take too long to whip up a heart with the word "hope" on it, I bet you could do it in an hour!

Let me show you what I have so far:  these first two hearts are from susanab at Craftster.  The "hope" heart is puffy, with the letters stamped on.  The bright heart is flat and quilted, and is made in her signature "shabby" style, with loose threads and exposed edges.  Awesome!

This pretty yellow heart is from kimchery, also from Craftster.  It is made of felt, and the word is embroidered.  She made the little blue flower button from clay--wow! Beautiful!

These two are from me; I showed them in a previous post (that's why they look familiar!)  Both are puffy, and the word was handwritten with the aid of a lightbox.

I know at least one more package of hearts is on it's way to me for Amanda, and I do hope a few more of you will be inspired this weekend to grab some fabric and make a heart.  I'll send you my address if you will email me (click on my name at the right to find the link to my email); then I will post a picture of all the hearts before I send them.  You don't have to know Amanda to participate; you just have to be a person who wants to lift the spirits of a fellow-crafter who is going through a difficult time.  Thanks in advance!!

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