Sunday, November 13, 2011

More Scrappiness!

I want to show you what I sent to my wendiek, my Craftster partner (in The Netherlands!) in the Scrap Happy Swap; here's the whole package:

 What's that big green thing in the foreground, you ask?  Why, it's a plastic bag dispenser, of course! Wendie listed that as one of the things she would especially like to receive.  I have one hanging in my kitchen that I could use as a model, so I decided to go for it!  I had to make a BIG piece of scrappy fabric (16" x 16") which took a lot longer than I expected!  (You can click HERE to go to my tutorial for the scrappy patchwork technique.)

Once the scrap fabric was pieced, the plastic bag dispenser went together quite easily; it is basically a fabric tube with elastic at each end, and a hanging loop.  I am extremely happy with how this turned out!

What's up with the cows, you ask?  Wendie has several pictures of cows on her Wist list, and I had some fabric with cows on it...Wendie struck me as being like me:  a practical woman with a sense of humor.  I thought she would find the cows funny, and she did!  She says she loves the whole package, and that's what I love to hear!

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katie@stvital said...

Cute. I love your scrappy projects.