Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another Spoonflower Bag

After I made the Pug Dog Purse for my sister-in-law, her friend saw it and wanted one too!  The friend's favorite dog is a miniature schnauzer...which is perhaps not the most widely known dog breed...and I suspected that it would be hard to find fabric with miniature schnauzers prominently featured...and I was right.  So I returned to Spoonflower, where a wonderful designer called Dogdaze had created just exactly the right fabric for this project.  I had to purchase a yard of it because of the placement of the I have extra in case any of you would like a miniature schnauzer bag...anyway, the purse came out so beautifully, I am THRILLED with it!

I just adore the combination of aqua and black. 

I even had the perfect lining fabric in my stash!

I sent this purse to it's new home just before the July 4th holiday, so I haven't heard from the owner yet, but I can't imagine that she will be anything but pleased with it. 


wendiek said...

Of course she will be pleased with a bag like that! After all it is a original Leslie-bag!!

I am not that much of a fan of dogs myself, but you matched it perfectly! I love the aqua with the black fabric too and you placed the picture of the dogs just right.

Awesome bags you make, Leslie!!

(you posted this as I was reading your 365 hearts blog!)

waggonswest said...

Gorgeous. I love how the aqua and black are so different from the usual browns found in dog fabric.

Unknown said...

beautiful (whispering--the cats get a little, you know, weirded out if i say anything positive about you know). but really. that is just wonderful--i could see the winner of next year's Westminster Dog Show taking it into the winner's ring!

Anonymous said...

I came across this while searching schnauzer purse on google. It is beautiful. How much would you charge to make one like this for my mother for christmas?

Leslie Andersen said...

Thanks so much for your interest, but I am no longer selling my work.