Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Filling a Jar of Hearts

I'm sending out a bigger-than-usual package of Hope Hearts today.  Suzy, whom I know from the Craft Gossip blogger's meet-ups  in Little Rock, Arkansas, asked for my help as she assembles a jar of hearts for her sister who will be having surgery in November.

In addition to the three hearts that come in every Hope Hearts kit that I mail, there are three extra hearts from me to her sister.  Two of them have faith-related messages, and one is made from the damaged  vintage quilt I have been repurposing.

When I was thinking of how I could best help Suzy with this jar, I had the brilliant idea of making some extra hearts with a blank piece of white fabric on the front and leaving them unstuffed, so non-crafty family members or friends can contribute to the jar by writing a message on a heart.  Suzy will then stuff them and sew them closed.

Suzy, I hope for all the best for your sister.


Esperanza✿⊱ said...

Me gustan los corazones!!!!Que linda idea!!!!!

Kay said...

What a great idea to leave some ready for others to do, so thoughtful.