Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rainbow Bag

In the recent Surprise Swap on Craftster, I had two partners.  I've already shown you the Luna Moth bag I made for one partner;  I decided I should make a fabulous bag for my other partner too--after all, she stated on her questionnaire that that she is a "sucker" for bags!

This partner had a rainbow pillow on her Pinterest so I used that as the inspiration for her bag.

Here's the front.  Placing all those little rectangles of fabric was really easy because I used HeatnBond lite, but I REALLY should have used the ultrahold version, because I had to sew around the edges of each and every one of those rectangles...and it drove me a little bit crazy!  As I was planning the bag, I thought the stitching would add a lot visually, but with the finished product in front of me, I have to say it would have been fine without the stitching.  So, I learned something!

The back of the bag features one great big rainbow pocket:

The inside of the bag features this luminous blue fabric lining.  The top of the inner pocket is accented with a strip of the rainbow that was  left over from making the back pocket.

Yes, my bag-and-rainbow-loving partner loves this bag!  In fact, the pictures she posted of it show it full of her belongings--she started using it almost the minute she opened the package!  Another success!


Gill said...

I love this bag!

Unknown said...

Same as gill above, I love this bag! Those color filled squares are as cheery as can be and still the bag is slick! I love how you're always able to do that!

Kay said...

What a colourful bag, this would make anyone happy every day.

Helen said...

another huge love for this bag Leslie! If you were still making them to sell, I'm sure this one would have been a big seller :)

craftmates said...

That is one fabulous bag!