Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hope Prayer Flag

Recently, I showed you the hope-themed prayer flag I received in a personal swap with fellow Craftster member Tina.  Here's the flag I made for her:

I used the first verse of Emily Dickinson's poem "Hope" as my starting point.  The fabric with the bird printed on it was the perfect centerpiece, and I used the color palette of that fabric for the entire flag.  It's a bit unusual, but pretty, I think.  I couldn't resist using the heart with wings (my logo) at the top!  I added balance to the piece with the three little scrappy squares at the bottom.  As always, after I'm done with something I look at it and see things I could have/should have done differently; in this case, the three random charms I used on the squares could have advanced the theme better if they represented the three virtues of faith, hope, and love (I could have used a cross; the word "hope" in charm-form, which I have on hand from my hope hearts project; and the heart, which I did use).  Oh well, as I always say, NEXT TIME!


Alexandra Abarca said...

Leslie it so beautiful your hope prayer flag.

Costa Rica

Kay said...

Just perfect. Your work is such a joy to see.

TinaW said...

I love my flag! Thanks again.