Friday, April 1, 2011

Artist Trading Cards

Have you ever heard of Artist Trading Cards (also called ATC's)?  They are small works of art that anyone can make and trade.  I just started making some in March, when I joined the monthly ATC swap on Craftster ( --if you haven't been there yet, GO!).  Each card is 2 1/2" by 3 1/2" (the same size as a standard playing card).  You can decorate it any way you want--they are usually collage, drawing, or painting; in the gallery of ATC's from the March swap, one imaginative crafter even made a card from SOAP, and another person made one from GLASS!!  To see all these cards, go to .  To see my cards, just scroll down!

 All of these are drawn with a Sharpie and colored pencils.  I have always enjoyed art, and it was fun to get back into it with this ATC swap.  Sorry about this last one being sideways--I will try to fix it, but didn't want to leave it out because Susan would be so disappointed!!  (I traded this card to her, and she loves it!).

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Mrs. Liddell said...

Amazing art! You are so talented!