Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bird Matchbox

I'm happy to be able to show you the second matchbox I made for the recent matchbox swap on Craftster (  My partner has received it, so here are the pictures:

The front and inside:  I drew the bird with a micron marker and colored pencils.  The rest of the decoration was scrapbook paper.

The back and inside:

One of the two crafted items inside the matchbox was this birdnest book thong:

The other crafted item was this "Be Happy" pin-back button that I made on my button machine.  I drew the bird with a Sharpie and colored it with Copic markers:

And the two matchboxes together, as they looked when the recipients opened them, stuffed full of fun:

I love the book thong as a little gift!  For this one I made the birdnest charm out of polymer clay (in the Halloween box it was a purple monster); just add a few more beads to a cord and you have a nice handcrafted gift.  I found it on Fave Crafts:

Try it!  And check out lots of other free crafts there.

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