Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Country Treasures

There is a store just outside of Williamsburg where I sell all my handmade items; it's called Country Treasures, and is located in the Williamsburg Outlet Mall.  Here are some pictures of the store and my little booth.

The front of the store:

 My Happy Heart Designs booth:

My "pin tree", and little stuffed creatures:
There are a few other crafters with booths at Country Treasures, but I think I am the only one selling things that don't fit the description "country"!  I guess I add variety to the store!  The zippered purses are what I'm best known for, but all the little things sell very well there too.  Some of the other items I make that aren't pictured are:  eyeglass cases, zippered pouches, key chain pouches, scripture verse pillows, scripture verse sachets, tissue holders, and pincushions.

If you like what you see but can't make it to Williamsburg, you can find me on Etsy.  


Tina said...

That is so cool that you have found a brick and mortar place to sell your awesomeness! I finally stole back the horse zippered pouch you made for me (my daughter had run off with it). I am so excited to carry my crochet hooks and travel sewing kit in it :)


Unknown said...

Wowwww! It is so nice to see your store! you have it set up so nice, its so inviting. I love the stuffies so much and the pin tree is fantastic. Someday you know ill visit : )