Saturday, April 2, 2011

Zippered Pouches

Last week I went on a short visit to my mom in Little Rock, Arkansas.  While I was there, she hosted a belated birthday party for me!  The guests included some of her friends that I know, as well as my aunt and two cousins.  That's my mom on the left in the pink dress.  My cousin Janet is a caterer, and she provided the delicious food for us--here she is, talking with her mother:

Before I went on my visit, I decided to make a little gift for each lady who would be at the party.  I made a selection of my zippered pouches, and at the end of the luncheon, I brought them out and let everyone choose her favorite.  Wouldn't you know I forgot to take a picture of the pouches before I gave them out?? Here is a duplicate of the one I made for Janet (she loves dachshunds and polka dots)

And below is a picture from my Etsy shop ( ); I sell these pouches, customized with initials, there:

They are about 5 1/'2" x 8",  with a flat bottom 2" wide, which is a great size for so many things; most women think of them as cosmetic bags, but my daughter uses hers to keep her Nintendo DS games together, and I use them for small items in my purse.  I love making these for gifts because they are not too time consuming, yet they make a substantial gift, and anyone can use a pouch for something, right?  All the ladies at the luncheon were surprised and pleased to receive one.   

Someday, when I have more time, I hope to put together a tutorial of these pouches--so check back later!

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Unknown said...

Wow, how nice to "meet" you mom on your blog, Leslie! You made a bag for EVERYONE?! Actually, Im not surprised. YOu are the Giving Tree of wonderfully made things. One thing nice about gifting in person is no DC number needed ; )
Did you even know about DC #s pre-Craftster? I didnt. It was so fun to see you swap pkg make its way into my home. Plspost pix of those city saavy things you made for ME, k?