Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Stockings

Before the decorations all get packed away, I want to show you my family's Christmas stockings!

This is the one my mother made for me when I was very small, in the early 1960's.  She made it from a kit.  The top is felt, the body of the stocking is velvet, and the lining is something silky.  The decorations on the front were pre-cut felt.  The materials are all very good quality, and this stocking has stood the test of time!  I can remember putting my foot into it and walking around the house with it on when I was little!

 My mom spent several hours sewing on all Santa's sequins by hand.

I think the color of the little tree has faded over the years.  You can see that some of the details of the deer were pre-printed.

Flash forward to the 1980's.  When I got married, my husband needed a stocking, so I used mine as a pattern.  I used what I had on hand, and I was going for a "crazy quilt" look.  I don't really love the body of the stocking...

...but I think the counted cross-stitch is great!

After my son was born in 1990, my stocking-making improved!  The body of this stocking is quilted by hand.

I love this counted cross-stitch Santa and message!  I think I found the pattern in a magazine.

Last but not least, this is the stocking I made after my daughter was born in 1993.

This one is all cotton fabric, except for the felt gingerbread boy.  He's holding real cinnamon sticks, but they have lost most of their aroma!
 Every Christmas when the stockings are hung on the mantle, my daughter looks at hers for a while, and then declares, "I got the best one!!"

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Unknown said...

Well there is a family love story hanging by the fireplace!
Your mom sewed all those sequins. Beautiful.
The stocking you made for your hub--all of it-- is great. The body of it is super. And the ones ypu made for your son and daughter. So sweet.
I bet each of you feels that you have the best one!