Thursday, December 29, 2011

Zipit (An Etsy Shop Review)

I got my first order from zipit on Etsy.  As the name implies, zipit is all about zippers.  Here's how my order looked when I opened the package:

It looks awesome, right?  The zippers are neatly tied together in a bundle with ribbon.  But what's that dangling from the zipper in the middle?
It's a free zipper pull!  You can buy these at zipit too, and they threw one in as a little gift.  I love getting a freebie, so this store *rocks* in my book!  I was also very happy with the extremely fast shipping and follow-up e-mail to let me know my order was on it's way.

I use a lot of zippers and I've always gotten mine from Homesew; I tried zipit because they offer a lot of colors I can't get at Homesew.  The prices start out about the same at the two stores, but when you buy larger quantities, you get bulk pricing at zipit.  This order of 100 10" zippers was $30, plus $5 shipping, bringing the price to 35 cents per zipper, compared to 48 cents per zipper at Homesew (Homesew always throws in a free gift too).  I will continue to shop at Homesew for all my other sewing notions, but I think zipit is my new zipper store!


Unknown said...

a very very cute freebie!
beautiful zippers, too ; )

Anonymous said...

After reading your post I decided to try out zipit too. Loved my order and they ship super fast too!!!

Thanks for recommending.