Thursday, December 15, 2011

My One-Year Challenge

I am so excited to tell you about the challenge I have set for myself in 2012!

My friend Susan pointed out to me that a lot of people have jumped onboard the  365 Photos train; they take a photograph every day for a year and change their life!  I don't expect to change my life, but I do expect to stretch my creativity with my personal challenge:  365 Sewn Hearts!  Yes, that's the name of my new blog, click on it and you will see that I have already started planning to sew a heart a day, starting on January 1, 2012.  I've always been a "heart" person (my user name on Craftster is Leslieshappyheart), so this is an obvious choice for a challenge for me.

Because Susan is such an awesome friend, she has also sent me some fabrics to jump-start my imagination as I plan my attack on the 365 hearts! 

These are the fabrics she sent from her stash.  All of these are small-ish prints, with more than enough fabric to make a big heart out of each one.  Yes, my imagination was indeed stimulated by these!  I have decided to start the year doing a series of hearts using an "A is for Apple" type theme (okay, she didn't send me any apple fabric, but she sure did send pigs, monsters, and handcuffs!)  Each heart will have the appropriate letter sewn on it.

The fabrics below came from a friend of hers in Hong Kong.  Because Susan is so awesome, she sent them straight to me, without even taking them out of their wrappers!  They are all so beautiful!  Thanks, Susan!
I hope you will visit the new blog (I'm already posting there daily); I would love it if you would offer me your ideas for new hearts.  I'm slightly worried that I will run out of ideas before the year ends!  Please "join" my blog so I will know that I'm not alone!


fiddlegirl8 said...

Leslie - I like your one-year challenge choice - you are brave and I will not be surprised at all that you complete this! I have an idea for hearts - how about crafting hearts representing each of the 50 United States? I'm going to send you fabric too - one of the pieces of fabric I want to send you is sunflowers - The Sunflower is the Kansas state flower!

I really like this idea of yours. I will be checking in to see how you progress throughout the year. And I'll be sending you some fabric soon!

Leslie Andersen said...

Fabulous idea, fiddlegirl8! I can see I might learn something about US history, or geography, in this challenge! I will indeed do the 50 states, and I thank you in advance for the fabric.

Helen said...

I already joined up on your 365 blog!!

Another possibility (although only good for 12 hearts) is using the zodiac - actually this could be good for more than 12! You've got the images (fish, scales etc) and the pictogram thingies, then there is the gems that go with each month as well!
Uhhh - and don't forget the months themselves. I make that 48!

Leslie Andersen said...

mini_mum, thanks for joining my 365 Sewn Hearts blog! I love your idea for the 12 months (I had thought of doing the 4 seasons, but not the months.) The zodiac is a great idea too!

Elaine Akers said...

I like your choice for the next year heart challenge. Your friend sent you some lovely fabrics.

Unknown said...

it is pretty funny to see the fabrics that i sent to you in a lineup like that! almost all of my stash is small prints since the things that i make are small.

pigs AND handcuff fabric--you can't say it isn't a diverse selection, Leslie. haha!

wow, it is countdown time to 365 sewn hearts. I will be so excited to follow your blog on this!

Susan/Smmarrt said...

This will be fun to watch. And I recognize a few of those fabrics - I have received from susanab myself!

SharaLee said...

Hi leslie, I love your One Year-Challenge to make 365 Hearts for the year, that's great. The Hearts are all so pretty. At the moment I don't have any other Ideas yet. I love your charm heart it's so pretty & dainty.