Friday, June 22, 2012

Baker's Twine Review

I've discovered that baker's twine is a crafting necessity!  It can be used as part of a project, scrapbooking, or in place of ribbon when wrapping a package.  Recently I've been working on some projects that require baker's twine (I'll blog about them in the next week or two), and I want to tell you about the wonderful twine I purchased from a shop on Etsy called Talking Twine and Trim

My first order was for an assortment of 10 yards each of 18 different colors.  The shop offers several different packages of various colors and quantities--you will probably find exactly the amount you need, or you can place a special order.  I just wanted a variety to have on hand.  It was very reasonably priced at $17 (plus postage).  Each color came wrapped on a cardboard tag, and there was a little "thank you" tag included.  Cute!  I love all the colors, and I love knowing that I will always have just the right color to match whatever I'm working on.  The first time I used this twine I noticed that it is significantly thicker than the twine I have used before (I had previously bought one huge spool of red and white twine at, and have used it for wrapping packages.  It's fine for that, but it pales in comparison to my new twine!). 

I just started my second project that includes baker's twine, and I realized that I need MORE!  So I went back to Talking Twine and Trim, and this time I ordered full spools of eight different colors (each spool has 240 yards of twine).  This should last me a while!

Jodi, the shop owner, generously included four freebies (in front of the spools in the picture below)--she sent three lengths of twine (carefully chosen so they don't duplicate any of the colors I purchased in this order) and a package of scrunched seam binding, which is a new concept for me!  It turns out that the seam binding is also used for crafting, scrapbooking, and packaging.

Both times that I ordered from Talking Twine and Trim, the packages arrived quickly.  I highly recommend this shop and this baker's twine!


Alexandra Abarca said...

Hi Leslie: That´s good new things so we are looking for your crafts with it.

Can you please visit my blog?

Thanks and have a nice weekend.

Costa Rica

Kay said...

You can never have too many crafty things around.

LimeRiot said...

I'm placing an order today!! I love baker's twine. I have a spool in lime green but I need more :).

Unknown said...

I love these and I can't wait to see how your your happy and crafty heart plays with them!

fiddlegirl8 said...

Leslie - thanks for the twine information - I just ordered five spools - yummy colors!
I told Jodi you referred me!!

Diane :)