Thursday, June 28, 2012

Two More Felt Badges

I really love working with wool felt!

I am currently in the second round of the Felt Badge Swap on Craftster.  This time we are making and sending two felt badges to our partner.  These are the badges I sent to farmerswife in England.

First, a hen, because she really IS a farmer's wife, and she is lucky enough to have chickens!  (I am so jealous of her!  It's a running joke here at my house that I wish I could have chickens...I just think they are super cute.)

 I made a paper template for the shape of the hen, then I cut all the smaller pieces of felt free-hand. I love the folk-art feel of this hen; I might have to make another one like it for myself!

Second, a "lurking" owl (that's what he's been called in the swap gallery--and I guess I can see why!)  Farmerswife has a few owl-themed things in her Pinterest, so when I saw a card with this design I knew it would be great as a felt badge.

This one was a fun challenge, with the "wood" overylay.  As with the hen, I started with a paper template for the opening in the tree and the owl, then cut the smaller pieces free-hand.

Each of these felt badges is approximately 2" x 3".  Farmerswife has received them and she loves them.  I can't wait to get mine from her!


Alexandra Abarca said...

Leslie this two felt animals looks really nice, the hen is so nice and the oak is like where I am?

Costa Rica

Deborah said...

Love these, so pretty and so much detail in them :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Kay said...

So much detail and so well made. Just fab.

Anonymous said...

I so adore your hen. I agree it is very "folkart". Simply gorgeous! And the owl is adorable as well. I love checking both your blogs daily to see what you have come up with next. Audrey Nelson, NSW, Australia

wendiek said...

Oh Leslie, your stitching is heavenly! Both your badges are so different and both so beautiful!

You should given them their own post on Craftster too, I bet they rock right away!

Leslie Andersen said...

Thank you, everyone!

Wendie, I will take your suggestion and post them in their own thread on Craftster!

waggonswest said...

Your badges just keep getting better. I LOVE the little hen. I am sad I missed out on round 2.

Unknown said...

In your hands, Leslie, this really is an artform. I love looking at these!