Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hand-Carved Bird Stamp

Back in May I told you how excited I was to find a hand-carved stamp project by a favorite artist of mine, Geninne Zlatkis, in the book Craft Hope. The picture below shows the book with my uncarved stamp (with the images already transferred to it).

Since then, I have finished my bird stamp, and these are the materials I used (below):  a Speedball cutting tool, which has blades in five different sizes and shapes, and a block of Speedy-Carve, also from Speedball.

After a couple of hours of work (spread out over a couple of days)  I had these two awesome stamps!  I love them!  Carving stamps is a lot easier than I expected it to be, so I encourage anyone who is interested to give it a try.

I visited Geninne's wonderful art blog and found a carved stamp tutorial which is a great place to start if you want to try carving your own stamps.  She recommends using Color Box inks, so I bought this cool rainbow of colors for myself!

Each color separates from the others, so you can apply the ink to the stamp.  See, I told you it was cool!

I used my new bird and flower stamps to make all these cards.  I played around with different colors for the birds and flowers.

My daughter was standing behind me at one point, and she said "Put the flower stamp in the middle of the colors!"  I tried that and ended up with some pretty multi-colored flowers for my bird to hold.

These cards are exactly what I have been wanting to have on hand--I can say I made them myself, and they are really cute, but each card only took a moment to create, so I don't have to ration them, or feel that they are too precious to use.  I can make and use as many as I want! 


wendiek said...

Nice cards Leslie! And good carving going on there!

Your daughter has a good eye for colours, shapes and so! A real artist, right!

We need to swap again, so I can receive one of those lovely bird cards ;-)

kit said...

Wonder job on the bird job. Don't think I'll be patient enough to make my own stamp but it is tempting.

The simple cards look great. The colorful flower is a great idea.