Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cute Shoes

I like cute shoes, but I've never been attracted to novelty fabrics featuring shoes.  Usually, the shoes (on fabrics or anything else) are high heels, which don't speak to me, because I don't wear heels--I only wear flats, like these super cute Crocs I just got:

(Thanks for modeling the shoes for me, Jenna!)

So, when I saw this fun fabric featuring pretty shoes in bright colors and unusual patterns in JoAnn's this week, I was in love!  I quickly bought a yard of it and whipped up a couple of these bags.

I want all these shoes!

But I will just have to settle for this shoe purse.  I can live with that!


Kay said...

I have a teenage daughter that loves shoes. This is a really bag which will speak to lots of people, I think.

Unknown said...

wow, crocs have gotten cute!
great fabric and bag...perfect for shoe shoppping PLUS!

wendiek said...

I love shoes too! And I also wear flats or my Teva-sneaker-like-shoes.

Those pink crocs are very cute!

And your shoe-bag is just yummie! Very nice, or should I say spiffy?!

Jevon D. Hayter said...

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